02 May 2009

Color, in time for spring:

Also, realized through my recent obsession with Tsumori Chisato, shibori, Louise Goldin and Aoyama Itchome, I'm officially into color.   I'm not sure how I've insisted that grey is my favorite color--maybe I was overwhelmed by choice?  At any rate, I'm going to leave the minimalism to those who do it better, and more authentically.  From now on: senseless embellishment!

(can you believe someone gets to invent these clothes?)

I've found a new love...

Can you tell who it is? 

I found a bottle of this in an antiques store in Ithaca last weekend.  After years of being told that my grandmother wore No. 5, turns out it's been Coco all along.  I have been wearing it all week and I am being raced around childhood souvenir involontaire at breakneck speed.