23 June 2010

I love my internship!

Wooden buttons, and jet black glass beads, from the 1940s. Brilliant!

Katie's Cat Report, Update.

Yeah! They're back!

Day 1

thrifted dress, pulled up to expose the lining,
vintage Mulberry braided leather belt,
Me Too patent leather ballet slippers,
vintage Coach Station bag,
Tom Ford Anouk sunglasses (inspired by that LA fashion queen).
Vintage pearl necklace, knotted.
Carnations from darling boyfriend.

The US team had just scored that overtime goal in the US-Algeria game. Not sure why I don't look happier!

Today, on Katie's Cat Report...

Two days ago I happened to look out the kitchen window into our filthy little courtyard. I was not entirely surprised to see a mama cat and kitten combo, as the courtyard is only used by cats and fleeing thieves. I looked in on them from time to time, and finally saw them trot out, presumably to find something to eat.

Later that night, only the kitten had returned, and lay in a little comma-shaped hole in the cement. I worried that it's mama had gotten lost, or forgotten about it.

No need to worry! Today mama is back, and has brought along another foolishly black-and-white kitten as well! Cat party!