10 February 2011

Starting the Sailor Skirt

I've been wanting a pair of sailor pants for years, but every time I try them on, I remember how comical I look in high-waisted pants.  Foolish doesn't being to describe it--it's more like an upside-down lollipop.  In spite of my limitation, I love the slimming effect of two rows of buttons running up to the waist, and the lacing at the back waist works like a corset, but somehow more Popeye-wink and less Victoria's Secret-leer.

I've decided, at least until I accept my lollipop shape, I'll stick to sailor skirts.  They're easier to fit, anyway.
Here's the basic design I'm working on.  Posting this, I realize the top front button needs to be doubled.  I'll be working from my basic sloper.  I remember a burdastyle tutorial on sailor-ifying a bottoms pattern, but I'm not finding it right now.  I'll post it in if I turn it up.

This'll be made in a lightweight navy silk suiting I have from fashionfabricsclub.com, and probably underlined in a lightweight cotton (not sure about this yet).

Spring 2011 Sewing Plan

I think I've figured out at least the tip of my spring sewing iceberg -- a gentle mix of basics and frivolity.

From left to right:
Blue hammered silk sleeveless wrap-dress.
Navy polka-dot silk faille gathered short-sleeved blouse.
Metallic linen cuffed short-shorts, with invisible back zipper.
Beige microfiber trench coat, using Simplicity 4084.
Top-handled purse, in leopard and caramel leather.
Navy silk suiting sailor skirt.

All patterns by me, unless otherwise noted.  The first three patterns are finished, and have gone through one muslin.  The trench coat will get a muslin, the handbag will be slowly drafted, and the sailor skirt will be based on my basic skirt sloper.